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In love with Transparent just like everyone else.

"Tonight in Nawlins!!! W Liam Finn! Doors at 8!”

Brown girl, brown girl, turn your shit down. 
You know America don’t wanna hear your sound.

Ava DuVernay

If everyone just follows their instructions, takes care of their particular role to a tee, everything is going to be fine.

Origa - Inner Universe
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex


Inner Universe - Origa


What does Hollywood typically get wrong about Latino portrayals? That we all walk around with a sombrero on our head, a jalapeño in our hand and a taco in the other one. That’s never been reality. We all are proud of where we come from, no matter what religion or culture we’re in. We all love our family; we all love our tradition. That pride does not go anywhere. But do we wear a flag on our shoulder? No. Are we always speaking Spanish and pregnant? No. That is so very far few and between, and that goes across the board. There is nobody exempt of going through hardships or going through success. What we get incorrect in this industry is that the Latino story is different than any other story. Or the black story is any different than any other story. We don’t want to only be limited to our world, or our skin color. We want to transcend. We want to be invited to the same party as everybody else. (x)


Warpaint @ Variety Playhouse, Atlanta (10.19.14).

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tara chambler in 5.02: strangers


She’s definitely the kind of person that wants to be told what to do because she gets off on that. It is an interesting heightened situation. I couldn’t imagine working in a hospital where there’s just death, everywhere. But for a lot of women, it was their only option. They couldn’t get other jobs. Even though Lucy is pretty freaked out and scared shitless in the first episode, she did move from West Virginia to New York. She is a lot bolder than you would expect… She gets herself into a lot of trouble, but she wants to get herself into a lot of trouble. That’s the whole thing. - Eve Hewson


Fetus Sydney Leroux


Lily Allen x LOLAWOLF: The Riviera Theater – Chicago, IL. September 30, 2014. 

Photo by: Daniel Locke/PR Photos.